The Shrinking Church by Nicole Radziszewski

Congregations look for solutions as they face declines in membership, attendance. … More:

Hope, Renewal, and Re-Rooting by Duane Pederson

Good, faithful folks have worked diligently to “do church” better and better, with more and more program, with greater and greater excellence, and yet membership and resources continue to decline. Many are tired and discouraged because what they knew as church from their growing up years isn’t working very well in the church they know today in spite of heroic efforts. … More:

No Change Without Transitions by Larry Webb

Some churches have gone through numerous changes and emerged energized and ready for new challenges. Other churches have been confronted by the need for change, made several unsuccessful attempts and emerged from the process deflated, polarized, and weaker than before. What’s the difference between success and failure? … More:

How to Deal With Resistance by Glen Rediehs

Think back to the last time you changed something in your church. What happened? Whether you moved the coffeepot, changed the order of worship, redesigned the monthly newsletter, or (heaven forbid) moved an object that was a memorial gift from a church family, you probably met resistance – maybe just a little bit or maybe surprisingly strong. … Why do people resist?  More:

The Culture Isn’t Killing the Church. Our Grief Is by Keith Anderson

While the church grieves the death of this post-war culture, Gen X and Millennial Culture are quickly passing us by.  In our grief for a culture we knew and loved, we are missing the ones that are right before us. Culture isn’t killing us. Right now, our grief is. Despite our grief, we must engage culture on its own terms. If we do, it may not save us, but I believe we’ll find an invitation and opportunity for something new to happen - both in us and in our churches. … More: