Discovering Approaches to Mission

[this is a tool developed by the Northwest Washington Synod]

This outline assists a congregation in identifying a plan for mission and outreach into the community or parish.  It is designed to be a living, reusable tool to refocus on mission.

     •The outline can be used as a summary of what a congregation has decided to focus on following a discernment process related to understanding the unique mission that God has for that congregation.

     •The outline can be used by a very small congregation for a total congregational discussion or with a smaller mission focused team of                                                a congregation as a basis for presentation for discussion purposes at a congregational meeting where the focused is on the missional direction of the congregation.

     • The outline can be a good succinct presentation of what that mission team would be working on.

     •The outline can also be used by committees of a congregation to have a missional focus

The outline is divided into four sections: Mission, Apply Mission to Context, Vision and Approach/Strategies.

     •Each section has several suggestions or exercises that a mission team can use to think about their specific mission context to focus discussion, gather information for discernment and summarize the thoughts and findings.

     •In the Approach/Strategies section, this outline suggests doing asset-mapping or for the congregation to consider partnering in mission with other congregations or organizations.

A good, concrete, succinct tool for a small congregation that desires to enter into a discussion about their missional focus.  Although it does not require having a discussion leader or coach, but a discussion leader would be helpful at the first meeting of the mission or vision team to set the stage for future discussions.