What’s Your Congregation’s Story? by Glen Rediehs

Every individual has his or her own personal story. You have undoubtedly heard many personal stories from your co-workers, friends, family members and others. Personal stories are self-fulfilling. People who repeatedly tell stories of personal weakness, failure and hopelessness are setting themselves up to create a future life of weakness, failure and hopelessness. … Congregations are the same way. … What to do. … More:

How is Christianity Thinkable Today? by Keith Anderson

Michel de Certeau says that one function of the church is to create a sense of place – what we experience as a sense of home – a building, a community, a sacred space with its own language and rituals. Like any “place” it has boundaries. …  He says the other function of the church is to transgress the very boundaries and sense of place that it creates, to transcend the limits that it sets, to cross the line the church itself has established. … More:                     

What Is and Is Not Congregational Transformation? By George Bullard

So, what is congregational transformation? … More: