Unbinding Your Heart

Unbinding Your Heart is a renewal resource based on a book by the same name written by Martha Grace Reese.  Renewal happens when Unbinding is used in small group settings and for some congregations, when the entire congregation is encouraged to use the resource in small group interactions that are reinforced with worship services that focus on the theme of the week.  The course in small groups takes six weeks.  An accompanying forty-day journey of prayer outlined in the back of the book is  critical to the success of Unbinding.  Unbinding renews faith in God, deepened relationships within a congregation, and increases capacity to understand and reach out to those outside the congregation.

The basic components of Unbinding Your Heart are:

1.Reading six chapters of the book that cover the landscape of the E-word, that is, evangelism.  You will discover the practical reasons people are afraid of evangelism.  You will also discover a meaningful way to understand your faith journey and be able to share it in meaningful ways.  

2.Praying for forty consecutive days using a daily guide with scripture, reflections questions, and prayer concerns.

3.Meeting weekly in discussion groups to talk about issues related to the topics in the chapter and theme for the week.

Significant spiritual growth is the consistent outcome for those who use Unbinding Your Heart along with the forty days of prayer.  More information can be obtained at the website:  Cost of the program is the cost of the book, about $11 per participant.